New truck?

I found a used (new to me) Dodge Durango that is cheap but has high mileage. Dealer says nothing is wrong with it but with that type of mileage I’m not sure I want to have another fixer-upper. Not only that, I still owe more than what my car is worth and adding that onto a loan for the Durango, I am not confident that I can afford it. I want a new car but don’t necessarily need a new car. It took me many years and a lot of growing up to learn the difference between need and want and even at almost 40 I am still learning. So, no new truck for me. Kind of depressed about it to be completely honest. I love the feeling of a new vehicle. All of the new smells (even if it is used), new dials and knobs to play around with, the feeling that I accomplished something by getting it. But alas, it was not meant to be. That’s okay though. It gives me the chance to build my credit more and to pay off some of the loan on my Mustang. Hopefully, this time next year I will be in a better position and there will be a better truck for me to purchase. Until then, I am content with how things played out. The heated seats, adjustable pedals, and all the other amenities would have been appreciated though.

As always my little sweet ‘ums, go out and make it a great day!



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