Endocrinologist appointment

Tuesday I had my 3 month appointment with my hormone doctor. She’s great and I highly recommend her for anyone in the area. I had my labs drawn the week before and my numbers are right where she wants them. They were high previously which just made my body turn the testosterone into estrogen so I was falling back in my progress. I found that odd because that was the only time that I saw any god changes like a drop in my voice and the start of facial hair. I told her that I started off sounding like a 4 year old girl and now sound like a 12 year old girl. She chuckled and said that to her, I sound like a 12 year old boy. Maybe my hearing is off but I think at that age girls and boys still sound a lot alike. Anyway, she said he’d recommend voice therapy but that it would not be covered by insurance and it’s around $100 USD per visit. Plus, she also said that typically her mtf (male-to-female) patients use those but that I may be able to get some pointers or suggestions for my voice. Don’t exactly have that kind of money so I asked her to hold off on the referral for a couple of months. As for the facial hair, good luck to me. I told her that I started putting minoxidil on my face (Rogaine for men basically) and she said that was great. I really like her and how she treats me like a man with a slight hormone imbalance. I had brought up several months ago about how I was concerned with my lower growth because I’ve heard many other transmen talk about their growth but I have had none and it has bothered me for some time now. She remembered and asked me about it but much to my dismay, nothing has changed. I go back in a few months and I am hoping that I have some positive changes to report at that visit.

Snow storm coming in tonight so I am going to get off and shovel again so there is less to do tomorrow. I am working today to start making it a great day tomorrow. I hope that you were able to make it a great day today.



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