Decision has been made

As some may or may not know I am going to school. I am at my lifetime limit for borrowing for school loans (I have a degree in cosmetology and an Associates in Business Administration and am currently going for my Bachelors in Business Administration). My choices were to get a private loan, pay my school almost $5,000 USD, or quit school and pay off some of my student loans then go back. After much thought I have decided to quit after this semester which is in a little over 3 weeks. Adding more loans will not help me (plus, I need a co-signer) and I don’t have $5,000 to hand over to the school. After going to school nonstop for almost 2 years I need a break. I want to spend more time with my family and have fun instead of being tied down with homework. My heart isn’t in it anymore so I think this is the best decision for me and my kids. I’m hoping to be able to post more here also because it’s been sporadic at best and I’d like to change that. This will also give me a chance to work on my mental health by giving me a much needed mental vacation.

Trying to make today a great day and I’m hoping you are also.



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