I am a 38 year old transman that came out 3 years ago. I have been married twice (both times to men) and have two amazing children (the oldest and ‘Lil Bit). I have my Associates in Business Administration and also have my cosmetology license for my state. I am from the United States and have lived both in the South and the North and think that both areas have their advantages and disadvantages.

My goal is to educate people of transgender, specifically ftm (female to male), topics and procedures. I realize that having my life out there with family, friends, and even my dog, is part of being in the public eye. I will not, however use their real names in order to protect them and their privacy. The same goes for my family. I am a fairly open and honest person and welcome any questions that may arise and will answer them within a week of them getting asked so feel free to flood my inbox!

I am grateful that you have found this page and hope that you are able to takeaway at least 1 thing from this relationship, knowledge if nothing else.

Go out and MAKE IT a great day!



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