5k Run

Tomorrow my youngest has a 5k run. This is her 3rd year running in this. I am so excited to see her run. I have been sick this whole week and am hoping I feel a lot better by morning but either way I am going. She has worked really hard preparing for this run for the past couple of months and I want to show my support to her.

Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. Feeling down and out has taken its toll on me. I’m hoping to start up regularly real soon. Big news coming later.

Go out and make it a great day!




I would like to apologize for not writing in a while.

I finished up the semester and had to drop out which upset me but I needed the break. Been dealing with drama with my oldest daughter’s roommate and the kids at my youngest daughter’s school bullying her. I’m sick and tired of all the hate in the world and that my children are having to deal with it. One of those things I’d like to protect them from but know I cannot.

Been working although not as much as I would like but I understand the reasons. Between the little one having seizures I’ve had to miss work. She can’t be left alone and I can’t find a sitter for a child her age so my availability is not great.

These aren’t excuses by any means. I just wanted to let you know the reasons I’ve been away for so long.

Go out and make it a great day everyone!


Totally forgot

Yesterday after lil bit comes home from school she tells me that it was picture day at school. I had it in my calendar to remind me and yet I still forgot! It’s not like she was wearing dirty ratty clothes or something but the fact that I forgot angers me. I wish I could remember things like I used to. I’m not quite 40 and already my memory is failing me.

It’s the beginning of a new day so I’m determined to make the best of it. I am going to go out and make it a great day!


Happy Valentines Day

I do not have much to share today but I wanted to take a moment to say happy Valentine’s Day to all you wonderful people. I hope that today was a wonderful and magical day for you.

I don’t have a valentine this year (same as the last 6 years) but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t special. My oldest got me a heart filled with Kit Kats which I absolutely adore and the little one gave me extra snuggles which I adore as well. I got to work today which was nice.

It is my hope that tomorrow is just as wonderful. I plan to make it a great day, do you?


The Real Liebster Award Questions

It was brought to my attention recently that I answered the wrong questions. I apologize for this and wish to give you the correct questions that I have been given to answer. Thank you again Ailanthus Altissima for noticing this oversight on my part! Please go check out their page and subscribe! They have excellent content!

It was recently brought to my attention that I answered the wrong questions when answering on my last entry regarding ‘My First Liebster Award’ and for that I apologize to that creator. Here is a list of the correct 10 questions that were asked of me: 


  • What is your favorite color and what does it mean to you? 

My favorite color is actually two out together. I adore burple! Blue and purple make the most amazing color, at least in my opinion.  


  • What prompted you to start blogging and/or writing? 

I didn’t come out until later in life (35) as transgender. I found that there isn’t much out there for help for the “older” people who need to transition. That and I was told that I post too much on Facebook so I stopped Facebook and started blogging. Made more sense anyway. 


  • What was the most significant journey you’ve been through? 

I have been through many journeys my life but I think that being a parent is the most significant journey I’ve ever challenged myself with. While it’s very rewarding, it is also very difficult. “Rules” change constantly with the growth and age of my children. Second, I believe, is transitioning from female to male, especially at such a late stage in my life. There is very little information out there for the “older” generation and even less help (at least in my area). 


  • Who’s your greatest adversary? 

My greatest adversary is myself. I am my own worst critic.  


  • If you could conceptualize yourself as anything other than a human being, what would you be? 

I’m thinking a house cat. They can be cuddly and lovey one minute then BAM! They can be total jerks the next minute and it is acceptable because that is just their nature, how they are. When they go through that phase then decide they want love it is freely given. 


  • How would you describe your safe space? If you don’t have one, what do you imagine it might be like? 


I have some paranoia issues that I am working through so in my mind there is no ‘safe space’. That being said, if I had to choose one place it would be either my home or my parents’ home.  


  • What is your favorite website? 


There are so many that I cannot choose just one so here is a list of some of my top favorites: 



Dogpile.com & bing.com (these two rank equally) 




























These are in no way in any certain order. I love them all! Pretty sure I am a YouTube junkie 🤣

 What type of media resonates most with you? 

 I was going to say that I get most of my information from lots of sources, which is true, but my main source is YouTube/internet. If you know which places are all about “fake news” or “likes, subscribers, etc.” you can stay away from those and get good quality information from the sources that are not all about that.  

 Do you have any background/education/experience you feel benefits your blog? 

 Growing up trans (although not out until much later) I was able to get the experience to talk about those issues and what they mean to me. I, in no way, speak for all people of transgender experience, just myself. I have a degree in Cosmetology and my Associates in Business Administration. I was 1 day shy of graduating massage therapy and have taken some classes in ASL (American Sign Language). With most of these classes I had to take writing courses and/or write papers. This helped to sharpen my writing skills. 

 On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) how would you rate your ability to empathize? 

 I would rate myself at an 8. I say this because while I can empathize, and even sympathize in some cases, I cannot fully understand each situation in the way that helps me to either empathize or sympathize. I wish I had an example for you but alas, I do not. 

It’s another sunny, frigidly cold day here in my city but I am bound to make it a great day today and I hope that you are able to do the same. Have a super, great day everyone! 


My First Liebster Award

The Stories In Between was kind enough to nominate me for my first Liebster Award and for that, I thank them. I’m sure a few may be asking what this award is, I must admit that I was one of those people. This is an award that bloggers nominate other bloggers for when they want to show respect to their work as well as the dedication that the blogger has put forth in creating their work. It’s a way that we, as bloggers, can show our appreciation and recognition for all the bloggers out there that are living life with all its complexities as well as taking time out of their day to write down thoughts, feelings, ideas, and concerns in an effort to help those out there that may be looking for a ray of sunshine in a dark and dreary world.

10 questions that were asked of me (these were the wrong questions but I have permission from Ailanthus Altissima (misstree.life) to reblog these questions. please see https://wordpress.com/view/iamaman2015.wordpress.com for the correct questions and answers):

  1. What is your favorite color and what does it mean to you?

My favorite color is burple. While that doesn’t make a lot of sense, I will explain a bit. It is blue and purple mixed together to make the most beautiful shade on the planet (at least to me).

What prompted you to start blogging and/or writing?

I have written for as long as I can remember. Started many books but only finished one, a children’s book, that I wrote for my oldest when she was around 2. With all our moving through the years I have since lost it. This saddens me to no end. That said, the main reason I started this blog was because: A) people were starting to tell me that I wrote too much on Facebook B) I was unable to find anyone my age (currently almost 40) that were transitioning and wanted to throw myself out there for others that may be, or have gone through, some of the things I am as a transparent.

What was the most significant journey you’ve been through?

While parenting and transitioning are never ending, I would have to say that those two are the most significant. Being a single parent is extremely difficult but worth every moment. Transitioning is also very difficult but rewarding as well.

Who or what is your greatest adversary?

Simply put, myself. I am my hardest critic. I expect too much from myself yet get angry with myself for not achieving my goals.

If you could conceptualize yourself as anything other than a human being, what would you be?

At first I was going to say dolphin but they are expected to be all fun and nice and stuff. Then I thought, I’d rather be a house cat. When they are temperamental they can get away with acting like jerks, they decide who is allowed to touch them and when, they get a warm/cool place to sleep (constantly) and food in their tummies. They don’t have to answer to anyone and it is acceptable. Plus, they can be warm and caring creatures.

How would you describe your safe space? If you don’t have one, what do you imagine it might be like?

I have schizophrenia, and in my mind, with the paranoid aspects of my disease), there is no safe place. However, with that being said, I think the safest I feel would be my home.

What is your favorite website?

Honestly, it depends on my mood. My top websites are:








(Note: these are not in any particular order)

What type of media resonates most with you?

No one type of media as there are many. I think it depends on what I am wanting to know or learn about.

Do you have any background/education/experience you feel benefits your blog?

I think that being a single transgender parents helps me to write about those topics. Having had may writing classes throughout my college career assists me to write about these topics in a way that makes sense to my readers (I will ask that if you ever have any questions to please ask them…the only “dumb” quesiton is the one not asked, it’s how we learn).

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) how would you rate your ability to empathize?

I would have to say an 8. Some things I sympathize with as I cannot fully empathize with all situations.

Thank you again for the nomination. Have a safe and wonderful rest of your day!


Curb meets bumper

Last night Lil Bit had a birthday party to go to so the oldest tags along in her car. We drop off Lil Bit and get into oldest child’s car. As she’s pulling away the curb apparently likes the bumper so much that it tries to keep it. Driving down the road she keeps hearing something. With me being born half deaf I don’t hear it. We pull over and I get out to look at the damage. The corner of the bumper is pulled away from the body of the car. We try to pop it back in but with no success. After the party I have her take her car back to my house and get under the car as much as possible. It’s a low lying car and I’m a big man so I’m sure it would’ve been humorous to watch. I was able to zip tie the bumper to the frame a little using little holes that weren’t being used. It’s not a permanent fix by any means but it’ll work until she can get it repaired. We’re going to my parents house later to see if my dad can do anything. Until then, homework, ugh! 😆

Go out and make it a great day everyone!